Sales Information

Wednesday - Cattle Sale

 (Heavy and Store Bullocks/Heifers & Cull Cows)

  • Intake From 7.30am
  • Viewing time: 10am-11am
  • Ring 1: 11am Cull Cows followed by Heifers
  • Ring 2: 11am Bullocks

Thursday - Sheep Sale

  • Intake From 11am
  • Viewing time: 4pm-5pm
  • Sale in Yard: 5pm - Lambs - Stags
  • Sale in Ring: 6pm - Ewes - Hoggets - Rams
  • Pedigree Rams - See Latest News

Saturday - Weanling Sale

Weanling Bulls/Heifers, Cows in Calf and Cows with Calves at foot

  • Intake From 7:30am
  • Viewing time: 10am - 11am
  • Ring 1: Calves followed by Cows
  • Ring 2: 11am - Weanling Heifers followed by Weanling Bulls

Entry System

Cattle can be booked in for sales by calling the office.  Unbooked stock can be brought in on the day.

Sheep are not pre-booked.

Draw for sale takes place 15minutes before sale starts,


All sellers must complete a Letter of Engagement, in compliance with the Property Services Regulatory Authority rules.  This is a once off document which formalises the agreement between the Seller and the Mart.  The form can be got from any of the office staff.


  • All Sheep must have 2 ear tags, one of which must be an EID tag.
  • All sheep must have a completed, up to date (2 bar codes) dispatch docket. 
  • All sheep are scanned on arrival the mart.


  • All Cattle must have 2 ear tags and a valid passport signed by the current owner/keeper.
  • All cattle presented must be healthy, and be in compliance with Animal Health & Welfare rules.
  • No cattle with horns can be sold through the sales ring.  Cattle presented with horns will be penned in isolation.
  • All Heifers are sold as maidens, unless otherwise stated.


  • Baby calves must be at least 10 days old before they can be brought to a mart, and have a negative DVD result.
  • Calves over 42 days old must have a TB test. 


If you are a close contact of a confirmed Covid-19 case, awaiting test results or are feeling any Covid-19 symptoms, please DO NOT ATTEND the mart and follow HSE advice.  Thank you.